Impact of the Coronavirus Crisis

By Ignacio de la Torre

Updated on Fri 20th of March

First of all, we wish that both you and your family and friends are doing well in these exceptional and difficult circumstances the world is undergoing.


We strive to provide you with the most up-to-date data about the evolution of the coronavirus crisis and to keep you informed about our stance on its possible impact on the economic situation. To this end, the Arcano Economic Research team has published a 50-paged public chartbook, whose main takeaways are outlined in the initial executive summary. In it, we elaborate on the foreseeable impacts of this crisis from the medical, economic, and markets perspective, especially at the global level. 


Moreover, we analyze also the monetary and fiscal policy responses and assess whether or not they will be sufficient to alleviate the effects of this global pandemic on the economy going forward, as well as what factors should be focused on to optimize the risk-return trade-off between countries.

Link to the chartbook: Impacts of the coronavirus crisis. Weekly update


Together we will overcome this immense challenge, and Arcano is trying to do its bit to achieve it by making this information available to you. Today, more than ever, we would like to send you well wishes for good health and we offer you our full support in these trying times.