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It’s not just talk. It’s Finance Talks.

Welcome to a disruptive space dedicated to expert financial exploration.

Join our global community of finance key players and illustrious faculty as they boldly investigate the most up-to-date trends to provide readers with a level of insight previously unimaginable.

We leave no financial stone unturned as we uncover the trajectory of key sector areas: FinTech, Corporate Finance and Investments.

Get ready to engage with trending topics, focusing on the areas most important to you through the eyes of our expert contributors. Get ready to understand recent developments and predict their impact. Get ready to become a well-versed financial front liner in this high-octane environment.

Finance Talks is the latest innovation to arise from IE Business School’s bustling, imaginative and diverse ecosystem of questions and wonder. With the crackling energy of restless dreamers, we always uncover new avenues of dynamic adventure, bringing sensational minds together to share their vast knowledge.


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